I hurt my back

To describe my experience with Physio Dynamics, I must start at the beginning.

I hurt my back. For over two and half years I couldn’t move. I would lay in my bed in a cold sweat for half an hour most every morning hoping I could get out of bed without crying out in pain. I went to a physical therapist for several months. I went to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist for two years. I wasn’t getting any better. I even had an epidural. I felt temporary relief but nothing permanent. I even bought a very expensive bed because I thought it would help.

I could only sit on my couch and cry. I was so depressed and frustrated. I was out of shape and gaining weight. I was afraid of climbing stairs because the pain was so bad. Every movement caused me pain and I couldn’t do the things I loved to do.

Eventually I accepted the pain but I walked by dragging my left leg behind me and tottered around like an old woman. I wrecked all my shoes because I would fall or stumble and I always seemed to drag my toes on my right foot when I walked.

I went to see Lika and Malika at Physio Dynamics. I was in so much pain that first day. Their techniques saved my life. I needed their help to just get onto the table and to do the exercises they teach that enforce a proper relationship to my mind body and muscles. I started to improve right away. The pain started to diminish from my first treatment.
I started Physio Dynamics in October of 2012. It is now the very beginning of June 2013. I lost 12 pounds right away because they first strengthened my core by teaching it proper alignment. Although I’m not 100%, I can now move and dance. I played beach volleyball 3 weeks ago and went zip lining this weekend. The zip lining trip included repelling out of trees and hiking rough terrain. I could never have done that last year.

I’m on track back to my life and I’m so happy. Thank you Physio Dynamics!

Angie O.