Reflections from Bernice

Every movement of the day’s activity is recorded in our bodies. Why wear yourself out by long sessions of forced exercises when our bones and muscles are exercising all day long by the way we sit, stand, walk, do all of our work and play. But are you giving your body positive or negative exercise? Let’s figure you out!

Our clothes can’t move or relax gracefully for us…that we have that pleasure and responsibility of doing for ourselves. Let’s be more than tense clothes hangers!

Are you using all of the grace and vitality that was born into your arms, legs, muscles, back? If not, chances are they are getting even with you right now!

A basic encounter with your own bones and muscles takes a little serious reflection…in front of my triple mirrors!

We’re bombarded with mechanical gadgets, superficial regard for appearance but shouldn’t the beginning of true beauty be the understanding of or own beautifully designed bones and muscles…often literally aching to be used and appreciated?

Reshape your ideas about your posture and see how simply you begin to reshape your body. Cause and effect truly operate for or against us.

If only children could be taught in school and pleasant it is to stand and sit as nature intended. Many by the age of four or five have already lost the perfect alignment most toddlers enjoy, often through bodily reactions to emotional problems or the gadgets of our artificial society. Young bodies remold so quickly often only one lesson gives a child fresh body an understanding of proper postural habits.