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“My L5 was causing extreme pain in my buttock, groin and leg. Had no idea what was causing it. With one treatment, I was told my L5 was swollen and it appears a pinched nerve is causing the pain. Not only was I physically treated but was reminded that my body needs to be re-aligned. Looking forward to the treatments. Thank you so much! By treating the cause, you skirt cosmetic and pharmaceutical treatment. “Chris Yandall, x-Pro Skateboarder


Bernice saved my life. She taught me about my entire body and showed me how to use it to the fullest. Everyone should have the advantages I got from her.”Cloris Leachman, Actress

“I have used many of her principles of posture therapy both personally and in my practice and have found them to be valuable.”

Albert Lizarraras, M.B. Alvarado Neuro-surgical Medical Group

“I have referred friends…it’s difficult to communicate her technique and knowledge since it’s often highly personalized and intuitive…I’m consistently impressed with her high standards an dedication.”

Thaddeus Kostrubala, M.D. Mercy Hospital

“I went to Bernice exhausted and in great pain. She showed me how to use my body properly, to gain back the ½ inch I had lost in height, to straighten my legs and back – as a result, my energy came back an I fell emotionally free and light.”

Peggy Pope, Actress

“Bernice Danylchuk is a comforting and effective therapist…who erases a lot of troubles and can conjure up some great somatic improvements.”

Burgess Meredith, Actor

“Bernice and her assistant exerted their powerful program on my body.”

John Lilly, M.D. Neurophysiologist, Psychiatrist, Author

Press clippings:

“Bernice Danylchuk is intuitively brilliant about all the workings of the body. Her knowledge is both pragmatic and experiential. She set out to learn everything she could about the workings of her own body. She succeeded so well she now helps others with theirs.”
Eleanor Hoover
Human Behavior Magazine May 1978

Correct posture offers a person much more than an attractive appearance, according to Bernice Danylchuk, a posture therapist and founder of the Physio-Dynamics.

“We’re talking about overall good health.” Bernice said. “And there simply isn’t anything more valuable than feeling exuberantly healthy – full of vitality and energy – everyday of your life.

“That’s what acquiring life-long habits of correct posture really means. That dramatic improvement in appearance is your bonus.”

The Danylchuk method is based on careful diagnosis of a person’s present habits. Students learn to make every action a health-giving one. A short series of hour -long visits involving dynamic movement accomplishes this.
Los Angeles Times
October 27, 1977

Bernice Danylchuk is a posture therapist whose list of film star clients has steadily lengthened since Burgess Meredith introduced her in Malibu, CA.

Meredith carried one shoulder lower than the other. After Bernice corrected it for him, he urged her to open a branch studio in a guest house at his home.

She did and soon attracted a number of celebrity students. She taught them to project the best appearance possible.

“My idea is to acquaint people with their bodies to correct bad habits,” Bernice said. “Many things come of misused bodies. Bow legs, for example, which we correct. And bad backs are our specialty. Ninety percent of our clients have bad backs.
The San Diego Union
March 23, 1977

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