Lika’s Letter

My name is Lika M. Yandall, and for 46 years I have been an instructor for Bernice Danylchuk’s Physio-Dynamics. Bernice passed away on April 15, 2007 in La Jolla, CA. She had been a great asset to San Diego for 52 years and Los Angeles for 37 years.

We met through Mrs. Raghwarld, Director of the School of Nursing, when Bernice inquired for an assistant in Posture Therapy. Mrs. Raghwald informed Bernice that she had the perfect girl for the position. And that good candidate was me!

From birth, the joints throughout my whole body were disfigured. I suffered from malnutrition for many years. My Mom later explained to Bernice that she was constantly vomiting and deathly sick for 8 out of the 9 months of her pregnancy. As a child, my head and body were filled with boils and sores. The shortcomings of my disfigurements were flat feet, bowlegs, wide hips, and a slight curvature of the lumbar area. Bernice successfully inspired, guided, and corrected all of these physical issues that were negative forces within me.

I am so grateful to her. I have dedicated myself to share with the world, Bernice’s wonderful knowledge and understanding of the body. It is my intention to apply these great gifts she has left behind. Therefore, we share her legacy and honor her through our work. Please browse freely through our web site:

Sincerely yours,

Lika Yandall