How it Works

  • Good posture is the key to physical fitness.
  • De-program your body of poor postural habits.
  • Prevent health problems in later life.
  • Get rid of a big butt and other body disasters.
what.gif - 1.47 KPhysio-Dynamics is a science of mind and body; a procedure of positioning the malfunctioning body correctly and training the mind to maintain that alignment by strengthening muscles and thinking correct posture at all times.The human body by itself does not achieve alignment and good posture naturally. It must be informed by the mind. Properly trained, the mind directs the nerves and the nerves transmit the message to muscles and ligaments. Powerful muscles and ligament then align the bone structure for healthful posture – not just in standing but in walking, sitting, squatting, lifting, bending, turning, running, sleeping and other movements and positions. Correctly programmed, these basics can be extended to automobile driving, bicycle riding, dancing, and sports: tennis, golf, handball, football, baseball, track, swimming and jogging. Properly directed by the mind, the body maintains health and a steady flow of oxygen. Special exercises are unnecessary because the body exercises itself continuously.

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The body becomes distorted for many reasons: bad habits, accidents, malnutrition, fatigue, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, trauma, and neglect. These create tension and tightness that take their on toll you. Every part of the body is interrelated with other parts. If one part is affected, in some way every other part is also affected. Some of the figure and body flaws that result are bow legs, knock knees, weak, puffy or thick ankles, flat feet, fleshy thighs and hips, back aches, and many other weaknesses. The malformation and dysfunction we attribute to aging, e.g. dowagers hump, is simply a body out of alignment. Through ignorance or unawareness a person’s body behaves as though in shackles. When the body is not aligned, every part of the body including heart, liver and kidneys are eventually affected, and does not work optimally.

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When the body is properly realigned, joints are flexible and muscles move smoothly and support the whole body upward.

  • The digestive system is strong: the bowels function healthily.
  • The lungs expand for deep breathing, and invigorate the heart, assuring proper blood pressure.
  • Circulation of the blood is vigorous, which in turn relaxes the nerves and tones up the nervous system, releasing tension.
  • The skin is clear and glowing.
  • The body is buoyant, strong, and efficient.
  • The body is shapely, graceful, and attractive.
  • The intuitive sense of one’s own natural mechanical working checks in to reinforce the new learning and to block out old habits.
  • Each time the body moves correctly, every organ and muscle is exercised properly, eliminating the need for rigorous workouts and machines. With every movement the body is strengthened naturally.

Physio-Dynamics, as a process, teaches one to be totally accountable for the body’s maintenance of health, harmony, and well-being. It was developed by Bernice Danylchuck in 1962. After a serious accident, she began an intensive study of human anatomy and bone and muscle alignment in an effort to regain her own health. Her experiments and insights were so successful that she was urged to share her work with others. She maintains two and is available for workshops in the United States and abroad.

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