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Physio-Dynamics is a science process of mind and body correctly. Training the mind to desire alignment by strengthening muscles and thinking correct posture at all times is the goal. The human body by itself does not achieve alignment and good posture naturally. It must be informed by the mind. Properly trained, the mind directs the nerves and the nerves transmit the message to muscles and ligaments. Powerful muscles and ligament then align the bond structure for healthful posture – not just in standing but in walking, sitting, squatting, lifting, bending, turning, running sleeping and other movements and positions. Correctly programmed, these basics can be extended to automobile driving, bicycle riding, dancing, and sports: tennis, golf, handball, football, baseball, track, swimming and jogging. Properly directed by the mind, the body maintains health and a steady flow of oxygen. Special exercises are unnecessary because the body exercises itself continuously.

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