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Posture Correction, what is it?

posture correctionPhysio-Dynamics is a scientific process of aligning the mind and body correctly. Training the mind to desire alignment by strengthening muscles and thinking correct posture at all times is the goal. The human body by itself does not achieve alignment and good posture naturally. It must be informed by the mind. Properly trained, the mind directs the nerves and the nerves transmit the message to muscles and ligaments. Powerful muscles and ligament then align the bond structure for healthful posture – not just in standing but in walking, sitting, squatting, lifting, bending, turning, running sleeping and other movements and positions. Correctly programmed, these basics can be extended to automobile driving, bicycle riding, dancing, and sports: tennis, golf, handball, football, baseball, track, swimming and jogging. Properly directed by the mind, the body maintains health and a steady flow of oxygen. Special exercises are unnecessary because the body exercises itself continuously.

When the knees touch, when the feet are apart they are knock-knees, this can be corrected. When knees are apart and the feet are together you form bowlegs.

posture correctionDeep Squats in Motion for Posture Correction

A squat exercise will help strengthen the spine. Stand against the wall with your heels about 2 inches from the wall. Your shoulder blades and buttocks should hit the wall simultaneously. Don’t allow a big gap between your lower back and the wall. This gap will disappear if you bend both knees, keeping them in mind with our feet and keeping the heels on the ground. At the same time, drop your buttocks down and under, raising your pubic bone up. Squat very slowly towards the floor as far as you can squat. Pause for a few seconds then start coming up by pressing hard on the balls of your feet and as you are coming up, pull on your kneecaps and quadriceps muscles towards the groin. Hold your spine against the wall with the neck back and the ears up. Breathe out when you finish the movement. Do this several times a day and you will see how your spine will become straight and strong.

Arches and Legs in Motion

Stand and balance and gather your muscles from the feet upward towards the groin with the calf muscles. Quickly raise the heels and jump forward about 2 ½ feet 3 times. Then 3 times backwards, do this 6 times, back and forth twice a day and you will be amazed how arches and feet improve. (The bunny hop)

Walking while using posture correction

Physio Dynamics is more than the usual series of exercises. It is more than a device to enable you to feel good for a few hours. Physio Dynamics makes you feel good inside and out. It teaches you how to move your body with ease and poise. The demands of city life and material preoccupation have so far removed us from a sense of oneness with nature. Those even natural movements of a graceful have become a lost art. The wobble; they hit the heel first instead of the ball of the foot. Walk on the outside toe border of turn their arch in and the foot becomes flat and they start wear and tear on the arch supports by misusing their muscles in their feet. They develop all sorts of problems in their legs.

The body should flow and you should feel at oneness with it as you practice the ingathering of your muscles. Your body becomes light and buoyant. Physio Dynamics is designed for practical men, women and children who wish to develop the inner strength and power of their being so that they can perform and enjoy life to the fullest.

Balancing the mind and the body with posture correction

PhysioDynamics, as a process teaches one to be totally accountable for the body’s maintenance of health, harmony and well-being. It was developed by Bernice Danylchuk in 1962. After a serious accident, she began an intensive study of human anatomy and bone and muscle alignment in an effort to regain her own health. Her experiments and insights were so successful that she was urged to share her work with others. She maintains two studios and has done workshops in the United States and abroad.

Bernice Danylchuk

Studio of Body Improvement

You can mold your figure to bring added grace and vigor. The outlines of your body depend upon the muscles that clothe the framework of bone. It is possible for you to look younger and feel better. Through neglect, you can allow your body to sag, bulge, and spread. Or, through PHYSIO-DYNAMICS you can understand your body mechanics and improve your muscle tone through correct posture.

You need no longer accept figure faults or functional problems in your body. My system of PHYSIO-DYNAMICS teaches you to acquire and maintain body symmetry. Your efforts are carefully guided to overcome postural difficulties, or such physical shortcomings as knock-knees, flat-feet, weak arches, bowlegs, fleshy thighs or hips, protruding abdomen, weak and painful back, spinal curvature, stoop-shoulders, insufficient chest capacity, wrong head and neck positions, and many other postural faults.

PHYSIO-DYNAMICS is of great therapeutic value in restoring impaired muscle function. It can be used effectively in the treatment of post-operative, polio, and accident cases, as well as other related physical disabilities wherever muscle impairment is involved. Misuse of muscle function sets up tension and squanders energy.

In addition to its therapeutic value, PHYSIO-DYNAMICS is a foundation for singers’ and dancers’ study for stage and screen as well as athletes in training for all sports and games.

Posture correction, facial muscle toning, body muscle toning, spot reducing.


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1/2 inch Taller~!

When I first arrived over two years ago for the Physio Dynamics program I could barely move due to my painful suffering of nerve impingement. I had tried everything ranging from chiropractic services, physical therapy, and acupuncture and none of it seemed to work. As a result of the Physio Dynamics program, I am virtually pain free and my posture is in alignment. Actually, people have noticed that I’ve become a half inch taller!

Tommy Savitch – Comedian